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Active Learning with Instant Messaging: Threat or Menace?

Topic(s): Internet Tools, Pedagogy
Last Updated: February 2003
Download: PowerPoint presentation (1.11 MB)

A recent study shows that almost 75% of all online teens use instant messaging. So we should all rush out and find ways to incorporate instant messaging into our classrooms, right? In a word, NO! This workshop introduces you to the world of instant messaging and helps you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to instant messaging's possible role both in active learning and the classroom.

Back to School: Why Some of What We Learned in Ed School and Practice in our Ed Tech Classrooms May Be Bunk

Topic(s): Pedagogy
Last Updated: February 2009
Download: PowerPoint presentation (18.9 MB)

True or false: Some children are predominantly left-brain thinkers whereas others are predominately right-brain thinkers. True or false: Identifying the students’ learning styles is an important factor in the improvement of their academic performance. True or false: “Millennials” are a new breed of human being immune to traditional learning strategies. In this lighthearted, one-hour presentation, we’ll take a look at what current ed psych research says about a few of the practices and beliefs we take as given. [Oh, and all three of the true/false statements are false. Yes, even the one about the millennials.]

Blindly Stumbling towards Technology Nirvana

Topic(s): General Technology, Pedagogy
Last Updated: November 20002
Download: PowerPoint presentation (1.80 MB)

Quick: When it comes to your use of technology—both in the classroom and at home—where have you been and, more importantly, where are you going? What path are you following? Tough questions, aren't they? This one hour presentation will (hopefully) help you lift your technology blinders and point you towards the technology finish line.

Bringing the Online World in: Instructional Design Tips and Tricks for Educational Technology Engagement

Topic(s): General Technology, Pedagogy
Last updated: November 2010
Download: PowerPoint presentation (2.9 MB)

In this exciting and humorous one-hour presentation, you'll learn a completely different way to categorize knowledge. You'll also learn some instructional design tips and tricks that will help you effectively incorporate online content into your curriculum and even some ways that you can take your content online either in a blended or fully online environment.

The Cognitive Art of Educational Technology

Topic(s): Pedagogy
Last Updated: February 2009
Download: PowerPoint presentation (6.6 MB)

Can changing a few things in your PowerPoint presentations, websites, and other technology-based teaching aids really improve your students’ performance and learning? In a word, “yep.” In this fast-paced, one-hour presentation, we’ll discuss, in plain English, how your students process what they see on the screen and what research-based educational technology design and teaching methods either support or inhibit long-term learning.

Engaging Your Students with Free, Internet-Enabled Tech

Topic(s): Internet Tools, Pedagogy
Last Updated: November 2007
Download: Handout (requires Adobe Reader) (105 KB) | Flash handout (92 KB)

With budgets being stretched to the breaking point, and with your precious time being sapped by more and more externalities each day [*cough* NCLB *cough*], how can you engage your students without breaking the bank or requiring you to spend years learning how to be a specific academic topic guru? Well, as silly as this sounds, the Internet may (and I said may) hold the key. In this one-hour presentation, we'll visit over a dozen free Internet sites and resources that you can use immediately to engage your students.

Going Mobile in a Stationary Classroom: Incorporating ALL Student-Owned Mobile Devices into your Curriculum

Topics: General Technology, Internet Tools, Pedagogy
Last updated: March 2012
Download: PowerPoint presentation (4.5 MB)

n the midst of a sea of iPods, iPads, Droids, and more, it is easy to forget that the 'mobile' in 'mobile learning' refers to the learner, not to the learner's device. In this one hour session we'll look at effective ways that you can stay in your classroom and use mobile device-agnostic tools and techniques for student digital storytelling, citizen journalism, service learning, and more.

Higher Education in the State of Alabama

Topic(s): Pedagogy
Last Updated: November 2004
Download: PowerPoint presentation (424 KB) | Flash presentation (214 KB)

Combining the latest data with decades of in-depth research, this [satirical] presentation compares and contrasts the University of Alabama and Auburn Univerities.

Nothing But NETS: Transforming Your Students' Learning Environments with Technology

Topics: Pedaogy
Last updated: November 2011
Download: PowerPoint presentation (1 MB)

Quick: What skills do your students *really* need to have in order to compete in an increasingly global and digital world? In this fast-paced, one-hour session, join Patrick Crispen as he shows you how to unpack ISTE's NETS-S standards and also shows you how you can effectively use technology to empower your students to demonstrate creativity and productivity, to communicate and collaborate, and much more.

Now That I Know PowerPoint, How Can I Use It to Teach?

Topic(s): Pedagogy
Last Updated: November 2006
Download: PowerPoint presentation (1.43 MB) | Flash presentation (738 KB)

At least thirty million PowerPoint presentations are made each day, and there are over 800 PowerPoint books currently in print. PowerPoint is the defacto standard for on-screen presentations in practically every school and training center in the world. Unfortunately, while millions of educators and trainers know how to use PowerPoint, few know how to use PowerPoint to teach well. This one hour workshop combines current learning theory and research, usability studies, and practical experience to show you how to effectively use PowerPoint to teach in any environment—the K-16 classroom, a corporate training center, a community meeting ... anywhere.

Students as Teachers of Technology

Topic(s): General Technology, Pedagogy
Last Updated: February 2003
Download: PowerPoint presentation (1.55 MB)

Until quite recently, most Fortune 500 companies had on payroll at least one technology support person for every 30 technology users. Would that it were so for schools. Instead, many schools are turning to a unique resource for their technology training and support needs: students. In this one-hour workshop we'll look at how, despite declining budgets, your STUDENTS can help you take your school's technology integration to the next level.

Using Free Online Tools from Adobe to Encourage Student Content Creation and Collaboration

Topic(s): Internet Tools, Pedagogy
Last Updated: November 2008
Download: Handout (116 KB) (requires Adobe Reader)

In this fast-paced, one-hour session you’ll learn how to use Adobe’s free Buzzword and Photoshop Express in your classroom. Particular attention will be paid to showing you how to incorporate these tools into your lesson plans and how to encourage your students to use these free online tools to create new content and collaborate more effectively.

What's Past is Prologue

Topic(s): Pedagogy
Last Updated: June 2006
Download: PowerPoint presentation (1.55 MB) | Flash Presentation (1.13 MB)

This one hour presentation explores how current, 21st century classrooms are guided by a "perfect storm" of PC evolution, education evolution, and user evolution.

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